Aligarea Medics Para Products L.L.C (AREAN®) deal in a wide range of  Hygiene and Personal Care Products. AREAN® Hygiene Guard is our main brand and is the Market Leader in the field of Hygienic and Personal Care Products. It is covering almost all the major Hygienic and Personal Care Products and serving the nation by leaps and bounds. The masses are getting the benefits of quality production proudly available in UAE and overseas and making impressions worldwide.

Aligarea Medics is linked with Rose Sales India and has been set up in Dubai, UAE to manufacture and distribute a Wet wipes and Personal care products to all Over Middle East and Africa.

Since our Inception, we have been growing day by day. The Parent Company is based in India which has been in Exports and Manufacturing of Locks and Door Hardware for the European Market and US Market since 1949 in our 89000 Square Feet Manufacturing Facility. We are a Very Old Genuine and Reputable Business Manufacturing Company dealing in Europe and US since 1949.

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Buy AREAN® new personal hygiene & safety  products. AREAN® holds a promise for all our customers which is well reflected in our Moto: “Pure loving care in your hands”

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We have created over 100 products and are constantly learning and growing our skills. Technology changes quickly. It is our job, to stay on top. Check out what our client’s says about us..


Face masks combined with other preventive measures, such as frequent hand-washing and social distancing, help slow the spread of the virus.

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By adminon July 3, 20200

Remain at slightest 6 feet far away from others. Keep up at slightest 1 meter (3 feet) separate between yourself and anybody who is hacking or sneezing.

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By adminon July 3, 20200

Keeping hands clean is one of the foremost important steps we are able take to maintain a strategic distance from

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By adminon July 3, 20200

We Believe Our Brand Name AREAN

To become a leader in the worldwide pursuit of trusted and branded Wet Wipes and Personal Care Products. We intent to do this by producing high quality products that will satisfy even the most demanding markets and prove to be the most reliable and safe products out there.

We at Aligarea Medics Para Products L.L.C, is driven for more achievements by our customer’s satisfaction.