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To manufacture and market Wet Wipes and Personal Care products of International Standards” Customer Satisfaction is our goal. Aligarea Medics L.L.C with the available multipurpose plant, good strength of qualified and experienced staff and well-equipped quality-controlled laboratory Aligarea Medics L.L.C is confident of achieving its goals successfully.

Our commitment to uncompromising world-class quality standards reflects in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities of personal care products, which are approved by various regulatory bodies. The recent advancement has been unleashed through the introduction of one more state of the art Manufacturing plant with support of third party to manufacture our wipes in UAE. This is a huge project with a number of manufacturing ability covering different hygiene areas.

Aligarea Medics L.L.C is a big partner in the Healthcare Industry of the country and soon will be the market leader in the particular fields of dermatology, Wipes, Personal Care , mother and child health care and Medical Consumables products. The products are up to the standard and meet all the criteria for international standards and requirements. The modern manufacturing plants associated with our company are an assurance to the future needs of the country with a strong commitment to improving upon everything we do.

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