The role of AREAN is considerable in the promotion and support of the corporate social responsibility. The message is clear and lauds in its meaning and execution. There is more than just understanding of the concept as the efforts are on the ground with an impact in the society.

AREAN being a responsible corporate body is actively involved in the discharge of corporate social responsibilities. Supplies of free medicines to the organizations, wisdom camps, Awareness camps, social meetings on social aspects of betterment of healthcare standards ,the sponsorship of the social issues and their remedies, the concept of mother and child health care and the much needed efforts of the corporate bodies to bring about a healthy change in the society through sustained efforts.

AREAN is actively engaged in the execution of the task for the local community by arranging JOB Fairs for the youth, Sponsoring Events , bringing the political leadership to the stakeholders , paving the way for the betterment of the healthcare business in the country through dialogue and then bring all the benefits to the common man by offering affordable healthcare to the masses.