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Biotin (Vitamin H) is part of the vitamin B complex group and one of the most visible symptoms of the shortage of this vitamin is thinning of hair which can lead to total hair loss.  Deficiency of biotin (vitamin H) can happen and may result in dry scaly skin or fatigue. Photonic MAX helps condition and smooth wimpy strands to transform tresses from weak to healthy hair roots. This revitalizing formulation utilizes the strengthening properties of biotin (Vitamin H) in combination with an array of repairing amino acids to create a beneficial climate in which hair thrives. The results are vital, vibrant, healthy-looking hair.


Dandruff and hair fall

Therapeutic Class

Biotin based hair shampoo with D-Panthenol (Vitamin B5),  Niacinamide (Vitamin B3)   For better growth and free from dandruff

How to Use

Apply the shampoo to wet hair and delicately massage for 3 (three) minutes then rinse.


Glycerine, Biotin (Vitamin H), D-Panthenol (Vitamin B5), Niacinamide, Zinc Pyrithione,  Sodium benzoate, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulphate, Propylene glycol, aloe vera