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AREAN is one of the best Tooth wipes manufacturer in Dubai.


As a parent, it’s your prime duty to keep your little one's gums and growing teeth clean and healthy. By using the best teeth wipes from AREAN, you can keep your baby’s oral hygiene well maintained. With it’s the best tooth and gum wipes for baby, AREAN has established itself as a leading tooth wipes manufacturer Dubai. These wipes also aid in developing early hygienic habits before teeth have come in.


AREAN Tooth wipes also contain properties proven to help reduce cavity-causing bacteria in the mouth.

Features of AREAN Tooth Wipes

Assists in taking hygienic grooming care of the little one

Avoids causing any infections to the sensitive baby's health

Decked with industrial-grade material for prolonged usage

Contact AREAN as it is UAE’s best tooth wipes supplier for your family's Hygiene. "PURE LOVING CARE IN YOUR HANDS"