Prevent Coronavirus

What is The Best Way to Prevent the Spread of Coronavirus?

Below are the ways:

  • Remain at slightest 6 feet far away from others.
  • Keep up at slightest 1 meter (3 feet) separate between yourself and anybody who is hacking or sneezing.
  • wear a confront covering when out in open.
  • Maintain a strategic distance from nose-to-nose welcoming, embracing or kissing others.
  • Dodge touching your eyes, nose, or mouth without washing your hands.
  • The best way to slaughter germs is by scouring your hands with cleanser and water for 20 seconds. Do this habitually some time recently, amid and after you visit an open put or have contact with people.
  • wash your hands with cleanser and water or utilizing alcohol-based hand rub murders infections that will be on your hands.
  • Cover your mouth and nose together with your bowed elbow or tissue once you hack or sniffle. At that point arrange of the utilized tissue immediately.
  • Stay domestic as much as conceivable and constrain your contact with individuals.

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